Sunday, June 6, 2010

The New Neighborhood

So as of yet, I'm not making any art, but I do have a few ideas kicking around the 'ol noggin, so I should be back to creating any day now.
I really just want to talk about my new neighborhood and how awesome it is.  Chris and I are living in the Shaw neighborhood section of St. Louis and it's quite interesting. We have a nice, big 2 bedroom walk-up and since last Monday, I've kept a running tab of all the different types of peoples that I've witnessed out and about. Here's a partial list:
 1.  Harmonica Baby.  This was a toddler in a stroller playing a harmonica.
2.A middle-aged cyclist, tricked out in all the latest gear, standing on the corner and smoking while trying to garner donations for cancer research.
3. The Medicine Ballers.  This was a couple in matching green outfits that were standing akimbo in an alley and hefting weights over their heads. Hup hup!
4. A white dude, clad only in his boxer-briefs, standing in the middle of his front lawn and eating a plastic plate of spaghetti.
5. Afro-Puff girl with her two matching puffy Bichons.

Also, across the street from our building, there is a rose bush growing out of the gutter.  It's just hanging out there, right above a window.
Lastly, the other day I found a small, tan box in front of our outside door.  I thought that Chris had forgotten it when we were moving in, but when I opened it all I found was a piece of blueberry pie.
Chris believes that it was left as payment for our abandoned computer desk, which was left streetside for the taking, 

Other than that, the only real excitement I had this week was doing wardrobe styling for an Anheuser-Busch internet commercial.  The premise is called "Band of Buds" and we were shooting 2 groups of four people each.  The first group was called "The Douchebags" and the second group was "The Stuck-Up Bitches".  Involved in the making were:
3 Popped-collar Polo shirts on one person
Consuming Muscle Milk in powder form
Pam Cooking Spray used as body oil
Tootsie rolls used as engorged nipples

Thursday, June 3, 2010

LiFe is Back To Being Good

Yay.   The apartment is huge and awesome.   My roommate cracks me up.  We live next to a huge community garden and dog park. A friend threw some on-figure styling work to me and I am working again.  Will provide the details soon.