Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Hard To Get Started Again Or: Wah, Baby Needs A Bottle... Of Whiskey.

There are good conundrums and bad conundrums and this kind is the aforementioned: What shall I make next?  It seems that I'm always making art for a deadline, and as a professional this is to be expected.  One could surmise that working for a deadline in and of itself suggests a kind of merit- someone wants to see your work and this is not a bad thing.


My dilemma begins with the song that I always sing, entitled "But I Haven't Figured Out My Process Yet" and alas, it is in heavy rotation on Radio Becker these days.  I reason that if I had more time to figure out process without a deadline, my content and skill could grow, but that is not to be so I must ride the current wave of known processes and only turn out exasperatingly familiar pieces.

Such is the life of an artist.

Saturday, October 1, 2011

My First Time

First time experiences can be awesome, overwhelming, triumphant or even just weird. They can be especially eye-widening when they come at you all at once. Last night's reception was no exception and I am still glowing over the positive buzz. For the first time in my life I experienced: 450 well-heeled guests, gallery attendants walking around with price list clipboards, two blubs with images in local publications, a professional photographer, a videographer, and many well-wishers that sought to tell me that they understood my inspiration and wanted to know more. I am humbled and flattered. I hadn't really thought about what the opening would be like. I almost felt separate from the work, that my presence, while welcome, certainly wouldn't be necessary.  All I can say is that I am a part of it, inextricably linked to something that is much bigger than myself and my wildest dreams. Thanks for believing in me, guys.