Monday, October 25, 2010

Pretty Fall Pictures!

Yeah.  I like photography too.
Taken in Middlebrook, Mo at both Elephant Rocks State Park and Johnson Shut-Ins.

Back to (Art) Reality

So the Kickstarter thing has been incredibly useful.  I've reach my funding goal and next month I will be able to get back to business and start with the fabric experimentation again.  I still have no idea what the larger implications of the series are/will be, and even though I was forced to come to a conclusion in graduate school, I no longer think that the work that made up Emergent Structures has to be likened to any thing, real or  imagined.  So, I now have total artistic freedom to invent absolutely anything. It's a little daunting. I feel a little stuck. Granted, I know what my materials are and the basic ideas and shapes that have been kicking around the 'ol noggin, but damned if I know what I'm "really" doing. 
Since grad school was a whirlwind adventure of Holy Shit I Have To Make Art Now, I want to get back to basics and just do some nice, pretty objects as a way of relearning and/or expanding on very basic 3D properties, before I try to go balls out again to create installation art.  (I will admit that with three years of sculpture know-how, there is no way I was bound to make masterpieces out of a fricking thesis show.) Time to start over!
PS I nearly have a full teaching load for next semester at a couple of area community colleges.  This time last year I was scared to death of the prospective perpetual unemployment conundrum, but it looks like it all worked out in the end.