Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Almost Ready!

I haven't written lately, as I've been working long hours to crank out the last of the solo show art. In about 10 days, the green and gray rubbermaid totes that I have stacked floor-to-ceiling in my living room will be shipped out to NC.  (I'll be happy to have the space back!) There are roughly five pieces that will be going, but you'll have to wait ntil next month to see what they are.  That said,  I  finally feel good about the quantity and quality of the pieces that will be on display.  I think I have a cohesive body of work, knock on wood. There are still things that I could nit-pick, but I'm come to an important realization: if I don't take the leap of faith and just show the damn things already, then there's really no point in undertaking this arduous process.  Gotta start somewhere and waiting for perfection ain't it.

OK, so I do want to share one thing, but only because it's gross and I can't believe that I made it. Isn't it funny how work can get away from you and you have no idea where in the hell it came from?  Usually when I speak, my uttered thoughts are not a surprise to me.  If they were, I suppose I'd feel possessed.  However, when I made art, I have no idea what my brain will dream up.  As creator, I am merely along for the ride.