Monday, November 9, 2009

It's Getting Better

This here art over yonder haunts me in my dreams.  I went to bed at one am, now I'm up at five am, wondering how the hell I'm going to "transform" a gallery space with my little gelatin cervixes here.  (Although, I should probably not EVER use THAT word in conjunction with my work, lest I label myself a "feminist" artist.  Argh!
And I promise, I'll post a diatribe on why I hate "feminist" art real, real soon.)
Yesterday I picked up one of my little pink blotches and asked it "Why don't you tell me what you are?"  I am totally working ass-backwards here.  I have always started with the concept, then made the work.  Now, I'm making things that I have NO IDEA what they are.  It's a little troublesome, but in a good way. I'm trying a different approach, I'm out of my comfort zone, it's a good thing...I think.  I will probably not think so in four months, but that's a different blog for a different time.
Lately, I've been trying to visualize my work as though it truly was not mine, as though I had merely stumbled upon it in a gallery.  How would I like to encounter it? What would the artist statement say? Would I even give a shit if this was someone else's work? 
What to do with these forms?  What are they? Bacteria, hosts, parasites? Berries, bruises, fruit?  Wanton alien cervixes sent to destroy the world?  Where do they live- in decayed, old buildings or the middle of the prairie?  Damn, alien cow patties, that's all I need  for comparisons!  I think they will undulate in piles on the floor of the gallery, stack up in autonomous colonies and take over the space. I still don't know why they exist, though. I haven't decided if they are benevolent or malevolent, even.  But I am getting somewhere- very, very, slowly.  But the ideas are starting to come faster than they did just a couple of weeks ago, so I don't think it will be long before I have answered all of my questions. 


  1. My zen teacher said to me the other day, "keep wondering." I think one could say that to you. And I just wonder, given that your thinking about what you are doing is so beautiful, if there was a way you could integrate it into the installation. Imagine video or audio that would permeate the space with your words. They would take the place of the viewer's thoughts as they moved the space. Just an idea...

  2. I like the way you think, Kim. I would have to walk a fine line between being enlightening and giving too much info, though. Definitely food for thought- thanks!

  3. From a Nurse's point of view (-;

    Bio-warfare born from a pig's ear?

    H1N1, man or woman made

    Your pink things look like they could be either,a cervix and/or a circumsized penis to me. But I'm old.(-;


  4. Hey Carrie,

    I don't really care what they are but I love the color and sheen. It matches your cheeks on a December morning in KS.