Friday, October 14, 2011

It's Hard To Get Started Again Or: Wah, Baby Needs A Bottle... Of Whiskey.

There are good conundrums and bad conundrums and this kind is the aforementioned: What shall I make next?  It seems that I'm always making art for a deadline, and as a professional this is to be expected.  One could surmise that working for a deadline in and of itself suggests a kind of merit- someone wants to see your work and this is not a bad thing.


My dilemma begins with the song that I always sing, entitled "But I Haven't Figured Out My Process Yet" and alas, it is in heavy rotation on Radio Becker these days.  I reason that if I had more time to figure out process without a deadline, my content and skill could grow, but that is not to be so I must ride the current wave of known processes and only turn out exasperatingly familiar pieces.

Such is the life of an artist.

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