Monday, November 14, 2011

Milton Lost His Stapler

My wonderful, super, perfect residency at McColl Center for Visual Art is drawing to a close in a week's time. With that in mind, I've been really trying to up the ante on my production output. Last week after urging from the lovely and talented printmaker Felicia van Bork, I decided to delve back into the "Barbie Wrecks Her Dreamhouse" series even though I thought I was done with it. This time around, I am being super-meticulous with every tiny thing I'm making as to leave no doubt about the reality of the artifacts in question.
In the past month, I printed out the images that I completed in August large format and put them up in my studio. Since then, I've had about 50 or so visitors remark how intrigued they were by the series.  Almost every person, upon first glance, was ready to accept the images as reality until I told them to take a closer look.  I just have to say that I was delighted with their reactions when they figured out what they were seeing, so that alone gives me the impetus to go on.
Here is the latest creation, finished about 1/2 hour ago.

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