Saturday, December 5, 2009

Whoa My Golly!

Dood.  You wouldn't believe who called me tonight- the  founder/owner of, Catherine McCormack-Skiba. Apparently, she's been looking at the galleries I've been posting on her site.  She started talking about my installation work and said to me the nicest thing that I've heard about this series so far, "I just love your work!  I can't even describe it- I can't even put it in a category!"  Coming from someone who was RIGHT THEN, AT THAT POINT attending an opening of some very high caliber artists...well, you could've knocked me over with a feather. So then she started asking me what work, if any, I have to send her for an opening on Dec.10th for the physical space in Palo Alto, Ca. I'm like, "Hey Catherine, you wouldn't believe what I'm standing here looking at right now.  It's a long story that involves a package of art that USPS nearly lost, then found and I had to have some things re-made... anyway, I have for you three framed, matted photo triptychs that are boxed up and sitting in my kitchen, just waiting to be shipped out Monday morning."  

So she said that she'll promote me at the show and on the site and I feel like it's a very promising situation overall.
Carrie M. Becker

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