Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Applicant Beware

So, how do you know if when you apply to a show that it's going to be legit or not?  You don't.  You basically have to try to read the warning signs- if there are any- in the prospectus when you apply.
Case in point:
I applied to a show in Oct. at Energy Gallery in Toronto.  Paid the entry fee: $35 for 4 pieces.  Heard back yesterday & they told me:
We are glad to inform you that you have been selected for the Freestyles 2-3-d-15 online exhibition as well as the upcoming physical exhibit entitled: "Energeia 14-15".
Of course, they didn't mention which pieces.  Then I get a nice little email:

Maximum number of artwork by each artist: 2
Exhibition & shipping fees:
US and Canadian artists - US$120/one piece of artwork (includes gallery exhibition, online exhibition and return shipping fees by standard courier).
Give me an effing break!  If you are not a vanity gallery, how do you have the right to ask for that kind of nonsense? Are we paying your salaries or what?  
They tried to cover their ass when I wrote back to complain.  Apparently, I overlooked/forgot the clause:
(Please note charges for physical exhibition applies, however qualifying fees paid by accepted artists will be credited toward physical exhibition fees payment.)

What do you think that would turn out to be?  $20 $30 $40 extra?  I obviously would never have applied if I thought I was going to get scammed out of an additional $240!  

Call me bitter, but I hope that gallery get struck by lightning. 

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