Friday, January 15, 2010

Back to the Grind...

...Even though I never really stopped in the first place!   Yesterday was the first day of my last semester as a graduate student.  It was real hard too- had to read a whole syllabus to my one whole class- totally tragic.
Beyond that, I didn't really do anything productive, besides going to the ice rink to work on my non-existent Axel jump.  I need to figure skate.  It's the only place in the world where I can block out the whole world and just concentrate on the task at hand.  But I digress...
I'm now switching work modes from my tasks being paperwork heavy to getting back in the studio to make shite. Last night I surfed around for scanning electron microscopy images of what else?  Spores, mold, and fungus! (to quote Egon Spengler.)  I find a brilliant pic of mold, whose structures I am going to mimic for my next piece.
It's weird that way I work.  It used to be: Think of concept, gather materials, make work.
Then it became: Make work from whatever I can find, think of concept, assemble.
And now it's: Have concept, make work with whatever, incorporate the two.
I just want to evince a strong concept with a strong series.  My thesis show goes up Sat. Feb. 27th.

ARRRGHHH!  Why didn't I push it back to April when I had the chance?  Oh who cares?  I'm still going to keep working on this baby until next year, probably.  Deadlines be damned, I'm a-trucking now!

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