Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I Can See The Finish Line

I hope I still want it once I'm there.  All I could think about for the past two and a half years is graduating, and now that it's almost here, I'ma little sad.  It's really easy to bitch about how hard life is when you're shut away from the real world.
Hmm.  Think I might like to stay shut away than engage it in all of its terribleness.
Life goes on!

My show is printed- nine pieces, each 40x58 inches.   I know how I'm going to display the damn things without mounting them, because in the end, everything regarding this show has been a compromise. The prints are twice as large as I originally planned.  Sounds awesome, until you realize how that extra 50% is really busting the digital negative's balls.  Personally, I think that from 10 feet away or further, the prints look terrific, but up close, there is no fooling anybody with a 35mm dSLR image.   I did not want to make them bigger, but I was reminded how dwarfed they'd look in the provided gallery. So, I tried to find another gallery.  I did, too, and the even liked my work! They even had an opening!  They complemented me on my content and then proceeded to explain their desire to show only 3D work for said available slot.
 Seriously.  The upside is that now I don't have to use their $10/plate catering service.
That would've been muy malo.
Regarding the large-format prints, something on that scale cannot be framed realistically so options become limited, even more so if you are on a budget. I can't take someone else's carefree attitude regarding my show and the "screw it, spend the money anyway" perspective  Sometimes you just cannot be flexible. You go and take out a credit card in your name for me, OK?  No? No shit really? Uh huh.
So, I could've spray mounted the prints to foam core, and without going to great lengths, neither of those options are archival and I wasn't about to waste $___ on prints that could only be used once. Let's face it, no other gallery in the near future is going to want to display all nine prints at once, and I want to be able to take my work after the fact, roll it up and stash it in a tube so that it won't get destroyed.  So, I'm using ACIENT PRINTMAKER SECRET to hang my work.  And please, let's have none of that bleeding-heart optimism, "No, but Carrie!  Your work is beautiful!  SOMEONE will want your foamcore-mounted crap, I'm sure of it!"  Excuse me, are we not living on the same plane of existence? While you're off in the outskirts of Lalaland, I'm living in the middle Pragmatic Reality.
No self-respecting gallery is going to scoop of the entirety of someone's MFA show in a matter of months.  Just doesn't work like that, son.

Any gallery/curator/patron/schoolmarm/drunk want to prove me wrong? You know you need a gigantamous color print of a humongoid pink worm bursting out of a television set in your exhibition space/dining room/garage/outhouse!
Who the hell wouldn't?

C'mon.  Collect me already!  You know you want to.

: )


  1. go back to the thum-tacks,
    or screw them directly to the wall w/ a plexy-glass front (non-glare)

  2. Can't afford the plexi. The glare kind was $100/sheet so the non-glare would've added an extra $1800 for the show.

    I think the sliver bulldog clips look good, though.