Thursday, February 11, 2010


Once again, sorry to be such a negative Nelly, but reality sucks!  Paying for and attending the College Art Association's annual convention buoyed my spirits on the hope that I'd get "some interview", but after arriving and attending, then searching a list of online participants,  I come to find out that all the colleges that I applied to that said they would be there, were not.
I know that one school had to back out due to infinite delays caused by inclement weather. The other ones- who knows- budget cuts maybe. It's hard to see the silver lining on this black cloud.
I had one glimmer of hope.  I found a faculty member from my school.  As we sat down to lunch for a minute, she said, "Gimme what you got.  Pretend I'm an interviewer."  I ran through my spiel, complete with portfolio images. She said, "Well, I'd hire you!  You sound like you know what you're talking about, and you didn't fidget.  That's a big plus!"

Shit man, sometimes you just gotta laugh.

Anybody need a maid?  Gardener?  Cook?  Dog walker? Wall paper hanger?
I've got qualifications out the wazoo!

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  1. holy crap - you were @ CAA last week too? I wish I knew!
    ...but yes, conferences usually suck regardless of whether y'r interviewing or not; at least for me it was a trial year just to see what not to do next year...