Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Now What...

     am I going to do?  I like/d my work. I can't re-make any of my sculptures.  They are what they are. They signify my total sum experience and and creativity in sculpture. If they are truly "bad", it is because  I really do not have an accumulated expertise with my media.  Again I say, two and a half years is not enough time to master one's field.  My thesis show represents only where I am THIS MOMENT, not all I will ever be.
     I started this project in November and have really tried to make a concerted effort regarding a cohesive body of work.  I just don't have any more time. I had to use Photoshop to create some imagery. I know it looks fake.  That really wasn't a quality I intended to exploit.  As it turns out, I tend to get stuck in the mud when I try to shoot in the winter, literally.  Also, my productivity is fairly limited outside when it is below 40 degrees. I fucking tried. I did reshoots, even. This is what I have.  This is all I have.  I'm sorry if I let you down.  Just let me graduate and you'll never have to see me again, ok?

1 comment:

  1. at anyone time, the work we do, can only be a snap-shot, of where we are or where we were at that paticuliar moment.
    your doing great work!!!
    keep your head out of the shit.
    send me a photo of somthing.