Monday, March 1, 2010

Making a List

I'm re-prioritizing my materials list.  I think I want to start working on a more intimate scale and I'm only going to use materials that have a strong appeal to me.
That said, anything I make from now on going to be girlier than shit:

clear and amber colored plastic
rhinestones        string
beads          hair
fur           glass
wax         satin
foam         nylon
tulle          flocking
netting          LED lights
yarn             stuffing
wool           ribbon
I think I'll stop short of glitter - might be too kitchy.

I think that I'm just going to make piles, literal piles of texture from this stuff as a way of clearing out the mental funk of the last three years.  I plan on being childlike and going back to square one,  and it will be nice to not have outside feedback or deadlines. I want to be able to think clearly.
At the root of it all, I still do not know what material to work with.  I want it all and until I know how to handle all of it in a satisfactory way, I'm not going to consign myself to making "anything" in particular.
Pretty little blobs. That's all most art amounts to anyway, dammit.

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