Monday, January 17, 2011

Long Time, No Blog

It's been a slow couple of months since I went to Elephant Rocks and took those pretty pics in the blog before this'n.  I worked for exactly two weeks in November at the St. Louis Art Museum as a gallery attendant before I was hired as a photo retoucher for a local wedding photographer. But now, things are looking up as I'm teaching two photo classes at one local community college and a 3d design course at another one not too far away.  My Kickstarter fundraising was successful and I was able to buy some supplies with the proceeds, and as luck would have it, I'm now to busy too make any damn art!  However, I did stumble upon an image from a recent National Geographic that blew my mind.  I don't really want to divulge what it is,  not at least until I'm further along in my current project- so it's a surprise! Anyway I will say that it answers a conundrum that I was having about the nature of my little pink blobs.  This time last year I had to write my thesis and I was wracking my brain to try to discover what they were.  Post grad school, it seemed unnecessary to liken the abstract forms to anything, but now, uncoerced, here I am doing it again. I know what I can compare my work to now and that's just fine with me. I know I don't need a real-world comparison, but my work just seems more resolved and justified if I have one, even if I never mention it aloud.

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