Friday, January 28, 2011

New Sculpture - First in A Year!

I finally had some time to experiment the other weekend. In previous rants I've swung the pendulum between wanting my work to be either abstraction or representation but I just don't think that it matters anymore. Eva Hesse spent years pointedly getting her sculpture to not represent anything known.  I feel like the more I might try the opposite approach, I get truly bizarre things.

Now my conundrum lies in presenting the final form.  I have a lot of interesting parts, but I have yet to make a solid, cohesive, finished whole. I'm not afraid of commitment, I just cant seem to find a solution that works.  It needs to be something that's more than a means to an end; the solution needs to be something that is truly  unique and perfect and catapults the forms from merely "interesting" to "phenomenal". At this point in my career, all I can do is experiment and respond to the various options. These are two trials from the past week.

Maybe someday knowledge will come.

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