Saturday, February 5, 2011

Hi, Remember Me?

I'm that crazy girl that can't sleep! As irony would have it,  I feel like I am where I was a year ago.  In Feb.'10, I would've had a few short weeks to finish up for my thesis and I can remember the insomnia and panic. In the long, lazy months that came after, I thought I'd never get around to making another piece again. Heh, I'm baaaaaaaaack! It is super cray-cray for me to have a solo show- not that I don't have decent work already, but I'm the type of person who wants a new cocktail dress for every occasion (hello, impracticality) hence I also want new fab work for said show. I must get started now at 4:07 in the AM! I only have 7 months!  Working only on the weekends, that time is going to fly right by!

Sometimes you need time off to regroup.  From April '10 to just a few weeks back in December, I was not in thinking mode at all. Felt a bit bad about that, but not enough to remedy the situation.  All I've done for the last 48 hours do is envision how to solve the visual problems that I feel are present in some existing pieces and how to create even better new stuff. I think it's going to be grand. Look for the continuance and return of my favorite materials, as well as some new additions- girly, girly stuff! Yeah, it might be pink.

Hi, we are inspiration!  I'm Cave Pearl and you've already met Honeycomb, up there.

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